Odeceixe Surf Paradise

Odeceixe Surf

Odeceixe Surf Schools

The southwest coast of Portugal is a surfer’s paradise. The unbroken waves rolling in from the Atlantic are perfect for training surfing skills. The schools are located on Odeceixe beaches where classes are held. On the sand you find a small beach hut where the class starts and where equipment can be rented.

There are 3 schools of suf in Odeceixe:

with rental and surf lessons, stand up paddle, bodyboard, canoe and kayak rentals, hire of sun hats and sun loungers, yoga sessions and massages

Portugal is considered by many as one of the best surf destinations in Europe.

Here you’ll find the best surfing spots in this region. Due to its geographical location Odeceixe offers good waves the entire year and wil find several spots with various types of waves and sandbanks
From hollow waves until waves less vertical and easier to surf provided by ideal sandbanks, it’s a safe introduction to surf and bodyboard lessons.

In the natural park of the Costa Vicentina and Southwest Alentejo you can discover beaches and breathtaking sceneries where nature reigns.