Hiking Rota Vicentina

The Fisherman’s Trail

Probably one of the best coastal paths in the world

 Odeceixe Beach Circuit - 9 km

The Seixe River and the Odeceixe  beach are good reasons for staying for one more night in Odeceixe. Take the opportunity to do this circuit, which will take you to the coast along Fishermen Trails. You can also combine this circuit with the Historical Way and continue on the same day to Aljezur.

The mouth of the river Seixe is a treat for the eye. After revitalizing the gardens and meadows through which it gently flows, the water from Monchique spills abundantly into the ocean. In its final stretch the river leaves sediment on its banks, creating a maze of wetlands which provide essential habitat for wildlife.

The white and grey herons are usually seen here as are shorebirds. The latter are frequently on the beach: sanderlings, turnstones and sandpipers scurry along the waters’ edge, hurriedly devouring all the small sea creatures brought in by sea.

The vegetation discreetly protects the dunes from the onslaught of the wind. Without these aromatic shrubs, cushion-shaped to better withstand the wind, the dunes would disappear. The sand from these dunes would be carried to the farm fields, houses and roads by the wind that blows from the sea across the land.

It is also worthwhile appreciating the shapes that the sea erosion carves into the cliff rocks. These older rocks were already folded and faulted by the formation of ancient mountain ranges. Now they are carved by the sea and small streams, creating new, equally spectacular shapes.