Moinho de Odeceixe

Odeceixe Village

Hiking Odeceixe, Costa Vicentina

Odeceixe, Village and Beach


At the northwest end of the Algarve is the peaceful village of Odeceixe. It is a small picturesque village with white houses and streets with winding paths that wind up the hillside to the city's landmark "Moinho de Odeceixe".

On foot we will explore the picturesque village of Odeceixe!

We can start in the valley of the small river "Ribeira de Seixe". We continue to the center of Odeceixe. Life happens around the square "Largo 1º de Maio". Some restaurants are available here, where delicious regional food can be tasted.

There are also some small shops and a mini market. Odeceixe has everything you need: a bank branch with ATM, pharmacy, police, stationery and buses.

We pass the small church "Igreja Matriz", which is halfway. Above, the rustic cemetery. Narrow streets, steep cobblestone stairs. Long white rows of houses are along the way. The roofs are red, the doors and windows are framed in blue or yellow. Kittens sleep on the white walls of the garden. There are narrow corridors and stairs that connect streets, leading to past terraces. Colorful flowers adorn the entrances, the clothes hang on the streets to dry.

Those who climb the steep roads will be rewarded with a view of the red roofs of Odeceixe and the fertile river valley.

Yes, Odeceixe is located on the small river "Ribeira de Seixe". It flows about 4 kilometers west of the village towards the Atlantic Ocean.

From the windmill you can also see the sea and Odeceixe Beach.

An exciting experience!


Odeceixe is part of the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina , it is an important point at the crossroads of many walks along the Rota Vicentina . You can choose between a circular route (15 km) that includes the beach. Take an Odeceixe-Rogil hike through the floodplains and agricultural paths (14.5 km); or you can go to the village of S. Teotónio (19 km). You can venture to Aljezur by the coastal plateau and the fields of sweet potatoes, corn and peanuts (19.5 km). A tour full of wonders but more difficult is the tour to Zambujeira do Mar, passing by Praia da Amália and Carvalhal (18 km)


Odeceixe is undoubtedly a place to fall in love and is the perfect place for an individual or family holiday.


Odeceixe is beautiful and perhaps the most beautiful place in the Algarve.

The small village is somewhat isolated, northwest of the Algarve. Away from the tourist crowds that can be found between Portimão and Albufeira. Large hotel complexes, numerous restaurants and nightlife? It doesn't exist here.

In Odeceixe everything is calm and contemplative.

You can lie on the beach to sunbathe or take a dip, go for a walk, or take a surfing lesson and at the end of the day watch the sunset.

If you don't want to miss a bit of the hustle and bustle, you can easily reach the city "Lagos" by car or bus.

Praia de Odeceixe

Odeceixe Beach was considered one of Europe's hidden treasures and voted one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal -Beaches, it has a perfect location, joining Alentejo and the Algarve, and besides the sea beach there is a river beach in "Ribeira de Seixe ".

Odeceixe Beach is popular with surfers and families and there is a small bay called Praia das Adegas , it is one of the nine official naturist beaches in the south, where you can walk or rest to be naked, if you wish. There are some kiosks overlooking the beach, where you can have a drink or a bite to eat while enjoying the view. From the normal beach, not the naturist!

. Odeceixe Beach is a promontory completely covered with sand and looks like a big dune. It separates the Ribeira de Seixe river, which flows into the Atlantic here. It follows its path along the beach in two wide arches and then empties into the sea north of the valley.


Due to its biodiversity and its cliffs, this is a privileged habitat for avifauna, being excellent for bird watching, such as the white stork, the peregrine falcon or the red-billed rook. This Natural Park is unique in the world where it is possible to observe the storks that nest on the sea cliffs.

The "Ribeira de Seixe" river is a natural paradise.

Go fishing or canoeing on the river. Birds can be seen and maybe even an otter will come along.